Motor for new and existing motor insurance cover

Choosing the right motor insurance can make all the difference! We have designed flexible motor insurance so that you can choose the cover that suits you.

We give you the basic cover and a number of extra benefits such as breakdown assistance, as standard.

You then have the choice of adding a few extras of your own so that you end up with cover that truly meets your needs.

But what really makes the difference is the standard of service you get as our customer. You can rest assured that your individual needs are being met; that you can ask questions and make changes as and when you need to; and that when you really need us, we will give you the claims service you deserve – and all of this for a highly competitive premium!

What does comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only mean?

Comprehensive cover: this covers any injury or damage incurred when you crash the car yourself, or if the car is vandalised. Medical cover applies to you and/or your passengers.

Third Party Fire and Theft: the driver named on the policy is not covered in the event of an accident. Instead cover extends to any other persons injured or vehicles damaged by the incident. It also covers damage caused by fire or theft.

Third Party only: cover is limited to any other persons injured or vehicles damaged by the incident excluding the driver named on the policy.

What is No Claims Bonus?

For every year of claim free driving your insurer gives you a discount on your premium.

What No Claims Discount am I entitled to?

The no claims bonus that you have as a main driver will supersede any other bonus that you have as a named driver. Each year of claims-free driving will entitle you to a 10% discount to you on your policy to a maximum bonus of 50%.

Period of Insurance Reduction

  • One Year 10%
  • Two Years 20%
  • Three Years 30%
  • Four Years 40%
  • Five Years 50%

Is my No Claims Bonus affected by a claim?

Claims for windscreen breakage will not affect your No Claims Bonus. Provided you have an alarm and immobiliser fitted by a professionally qualified alarm installer or major motor dealer, and both are in effective operation at the time of a theft or attempted theft, your No Claims Discount will not be affected where there is a valid theft claim.

If you choose to take out a protection on your No Claims Bonus, you may incur up to two claims in a three-year period, costing in total not more than €3,900.

What is a claims excess?

This is the amount which you must contribute to the cost of your claim. Your insurer pays the balance above this.

What happens if I have an accident?

Ensure everyone is safe and call the emergency services and Gardaí if required. Exchange details of insurance. Do not admit liability. Contact our Motor Claim section at OCI Insurances.

Can I drive abroad on my policy?

Yes, your policy automatically provides full policy cover within the EU for a period of 31 days in any period of insurance in respect of the car. If you require an international green card this can be supplied free of charge. We require at least one week’s notice in advance of your journey.